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Wednesday, Oct. 06, 2004 @ 10:57 PM .... News Flash -- No New News
I really have nothing exciting to report. Tonight, I jumped on AIM to see if my little bro got a package that I sent him. He wasn't on, so I laid down on my bed and ended up dozing off. I woke up a little later and ended up working on some stuff that I brought home. I made really good progress, so I'm happy.

Well, I guess something kinda interesting just happened, as I was writing this entry. I live on the first floor, right next to the main entrance of my complex, and I see all vehicles coming in and out. Guess what I see now ... lots of fire trucks and ambulances. Not a shock, trust me, live in monster complex like me long enough, and you see stuff like this all the time. I know it isn't a fire, so I'm watchin to see who they bring out. There are a few REALLY OLD people that live next to me ... so that have something to do with it.

Wow .. what an exciting life I live? Of course I'm being sarcastic, but at the same time there is a bit of truth to that statement. See, in an ordinary life, anything out of the ordinary is considered to be extrodinary ... get it?

Yeah ... I know ... and western medicine still can't find anything wrong with me ...

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